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Power Rankings, the BCS and Sirius

Posted on: September 19, 2008 10:04 am

Ok here is another little rant. Power Rankings.

First why the hell are they called Power Rankings? Are we really talking about the teams power? If so the top teams every week would be Pittsburgh, the 4 NFC East teams and a little Minnesota sprinkled in from time to time.  What other NFL teams would you call powerful? Of couse in this I'm referring to power in the sense of smash mouth football.

Second is there really a need for these Power Rankings? The NFL has a cut and dry way of determining who the best team is.  Its the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. This isn't college where anyone actually cares what a writer thinks of their team. Yet these sites and writers still deem it necessary to rank the teams for us. Why don't you actually do your job and write about football?

Every afternoon I listen Pat Kirwin and Tim Ryan's Movin the Chains on Sirius' NFL channel. Why? Because these guys talk football its not a celebrity show where all they want to talk about is stuff that happens off the field, that show comes on earlier in the day and is hosted by Adam Schein. Schein has to be one of the worst talk radio hosts I've ever heard. He doesn't let any of the callers talk, he's constantly interrupting, whenever he has on one of the few people in the NFL willing to talk to him on the show he either sucks up to them or insists on antagonizing them. He knows nothign about what is happening on a football field and doesn't even usually concern himself with it but instead more with things like Chad Ocho Cinco's name change. He has consistently bashed Jim Zorn bc he has never been an OC while he praises Lane Kiffin as a offensive guru.  Not that I loved the Zorn hiring or that I don't like Kiffin but am I the only one who sees the irony in this? Anyways back to Kirwin and Ryan. These guys talk about football they explain things that are happening on the field break down plays, talk about the things that make a play work or not work, why a player doesn't succeed in certain situations, teams game plans, etc. Why are we as the consumer of sports writing satisfied with "sports writers" that are essentially gossip writers.  They are more concerned with Ocho Cinco's name change than with the fact that Goodell is proposing an 18 game season. How many times have you seen a writer breakdown a game or player? Even to the simple degree that I discussed Campbell in my last blog? Its extremely rare. I'm not saying I'm not at all interested in hearing about news off the field, I'm just saying that I'm more interested in hearing about things on it.

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